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Brand Story

Born in 2018, Cirrus™ Wave Styler is an innovative and revolutionary hair styling product. The design of Cirrus ™ Wave Styler came out from Mr. Simon To, the founder of World Wide Daily Holding Co., Ltd.. He once got inspired by the stylist who created outstanding hair styles with his skilled hands in the hair salon. That is the moment he decided to deliver the quality hair styling products to the market. 

At the heart of it all is Simon’s mindset to inventing a hair styler that is cordless and battery-free. It should add soft volume and create touchable wave instantly that are simple yet stylish. After discovering the breakthrough of the styling waver concept, Simon started to work out the first styler for Cirrus™. That is how the Cirrus™ Wave Styler to be born. 

The styling waver concept is all based on the rotation of the three wavers set on the Cirrus™ Wave Styler. By pressing and releasing styler handle smoothly, people can style their hair effortlessly, making it easy for people to achieve salon style every day.