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1) Effect difference between styling waver 01 and 02

Styling waver 01 would give you more natural textured hair style result. 02 would give you a little more look extraordinary hair look.

2) Using other hair styling accessories or tools together with Cirrus

You can use hair spray / clay / wax before / after using the Cirrus™ Wave Styler to obtain the best result. 

3)  Do not use damaged product.

Do not to keep using the wave styler when it is damaged.

4)  Cleaning Method

It is simple to clean the CIRRUS Wave Styler with damp cloth. Moisten the cloth with water and rub over styler’s surfaces. To clean the styling wavers,  take out the wavers gently from the styler and use moist cloth to clean them.  Only if necessary, then wash the wavers with water to get rid of sticky product build-up. Use a dry cloth to wipe the wavers and allow them to air dry. Please do not rinse the styler with water in any case.

5) Appropriate method to hold the Cirrus Wave Styler

Use the thumb and palm to hold over the main styler’s handle. Place the rest of fingers onto the Lever.